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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  May 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10 a mother was shot and killed carrying groceries into her home it wasei one of five shootings in the district. tonight the mayor and police chief are speaking up.. >> arlington after a woman was sexually assaulted inside of her home. tonight the attack kier is stili on the run. and for the fishes time, fox news anchor megan kelly is opening up about her conflicter with trump and the impact it had on her life. >>this an odd day and i don't know what is going to happenis g here.. >> 72 what she's revealing aboug tomorrow's one-on-one interview. fox 5 local news at 10 starts right now. >> we begin with what has been a violent day across the district. thanks for joining us i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm teeny perkins. >> held a press
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address the alarming number off shootings. >> marina marraco is life in southeast with what they had to say. >> reporter: this just wrapped i up i'll tell you the chief of police cathy lanier was here mayor bowser, deputy chief of safety, as well as commander for this police district and thend counsel worker. we're seeing spike in crime. two fatalities. i was told a couple minutes agot that we would have chief lanierf at the top of the hour tor address our audience and talkd a about this spike in crime. but i'll give i was quick run down about what she said at this press conference today. she believes right now they don't have their finger gary asf to what is leading these crimes. but the two fatalities that did happen inward seven today on texas avenue and the most recent one happening on 49th street in southeast at this ., preliminarily mpd believes theys are connect ed. they would not go nie further ae to how they believe theyre
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connected. that is a lookout for the suspect vehicle which they sayay as road honda car according to a witness that we spoke to earlier today. she saw several men inside that red car fire at thit home killing and shooting a mother carrying her groceriescei inside to her home on 49th street. that is just information thatnfr we're hearing from witnesses as far as police here we are stills waiting to see if they want to give us and answer as to what their approach is going to be coming the summer. the chief of police say they usually have extra deployment in high crime areas in the month of july. because they are seeing crimeing spike starting to peek earlierai and earlier they've moved up advanced deployment to the monto of may.of i believe the chief is going to walk here. if you don't mind we're going to walk p. chief lanier we're life thank you for being with us tonight. t two fatalities inward seven. at this poi
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believe they areou related. what is happening inward seven looking at the numbers from last year to this year 20 fatalities last year, six rather to 20 this year, why the spike particularly in this ward? >> so as numbers a little bit different eight to where we are today.toda so if you looks at violentks crimes over all in the sixth s district last year this district one the, over all crime reduction, they had 16% reduction they are down violent crime down three% this year. its a little bit of a continuation of what 73 saw int7 certain areas last year.rtai and that the over all, but fatality shootings are up. to say what specifically happened today to have these two cases i can't tell you. we're literally hours into this investigation. so, detective are working on it. but, i think reminding people that we've come a long
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to win prime reduction to have 16% reduction to start off today with three% reduction this ashis specific area we got to focus off with the homicides that tooh place today t it is not aot community that's given up. it is not a community that weha have lost.have we are going to fight. >> reporter: the truth is there are more fatal victims 20 verbs2 eight you are saying that number is eight that is more than tripled, you are saying they may not be something that you can pinpoint. you are talking about this extrr deployment in this area. you can't talk about specific strategies. what is driving the crime. c i talked to neighbors, they are worried. these bullets have no name. >> right, so what i was saying is that last year in this community along with any other, of the other communities in the area, starting the end of may.a. so, while today you are seeing an increase in those numbersse compared to the same time last
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increase started much later in l the year at least much later going into the month of june. so, kind of a diffence. we i try to deploy ahead of this this we started a month early. we are hoping to make sure by by the time we get into june that those numbers come back down and that we don't have that big increase: without getting intot specifics what is it that mpd id doing right now in these areas to try to curve the numbers at least for now coming into the summer. >> we started planning fornnin januaryly summer crime initiative the areas affected are in a our summer areas eithee in or just on the border of our areas. so we've had series of meetings with all our partners, dc agencies are out here. this is not all police effort. bringing services to theces community, making sure other resources are here we havee partners from the federal agencies working with us. a lot, we started that deployment back in
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by the time we get to june we'll have goes things in the reverse direction. >> reporter: up don't have isisu everywhere what dop you tell te community how you are gender is it that they speak up. >> actually, i have to say i've seen a remember en men did yoube say difference in ther communities we arey talkingdi t today. we have people coming forward and talking to say we need that top continued. you know five years ago we a didn't have that cooperation.pea so, we've come a real long way. we are not willing to give it up we need people to keep talking touses text status anonymously or call us: thank you.hank chief lanier here talking giving breakdown as to what is going th be happening this year with the crime reduction. they deployed extra efforts earlier. we've seen vincent gray who is now wanting to win that ward seven counsel member position. coming out saying that the tha numbers in his
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increasingly gone up. they've spiked more than tripled when it comes to homicides. he wants to see that number down. he says they wants to see chief lanier's data and see how mpd is putting high sources in place to drive the numbers do you time will tell. unfortunately time willat certainly bring more victims here in the district that's something that mpd police ande everyone in the district does d not want to see to continue climbing back to you back at the studio. >> meanwhile developing in arlington county to night people are on edge in wonk neighborhood after a woman was sexuallylly assaulted by a stranger in herri own home. it happened over the weekend in the lie on park area. police are asking for help hel tracking down the man who did this. lindsay waits is life now with new details lindsay: tony this was trial a nightmare scenario n for the victim. she's 25 year old. this all started earl l sundayua morning as she was returning home to edge wo
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she tells police she potted a a guy near her home shawn too concerned she saw him get into a car. the victim believes that same guy returned a few hours laters broke into her home the woman w woke up as she was beingng sexually assaulted. >> young population people are out after dark but i do feel safe walking once the sunday the goes down.go it was surprising. >> reporter: its a laid back neighborhood. popular with recent college grads. >> detective nabbed h knocked ob our front door. >> reporter: how she found outrh what happened just down the street. >> said he was going goi door-to-door to see if anyoneone noticed anything, seen anything suspiciously. he was just trying to round up u some tips. >> reporter: police were here for hours sunday. canvassing the neighborhood and using k-9's to search. it was after they got the callal from a young woman at taxed in a her bed by a stranger who thenge took off. o >> the factor that this is an unknown assailant is concerningi to
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that's why we are putting resources toward investigatingng this. >> a father with a young daughter pretty much the same age gets to you. >> reporter: what happened hashp neighbors thinking about safety. >> i did look at security cameras. her roommates aren't taking anyt chances with an unlocked door. into snaked say things like thi don't happen in our neighborhood, but they don't. >> reporter: police say theor woman who wates assaulted didn't get a good look at the suspected. now the only description we have is that he was wearing a black hooded jacket and possibly pos driving a tan four door sedan. because police are working with few details there hoping thathee somebody with information aboutn this will give them a call and l hell them track down this statui spent live in arlington lindsay waits fox 5 local news. >> um can mink up just one day d before her one-on-one interview with trump airs on fox news channel. anchor
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about her personal conflict. >> it's been awkward it remains awkward. >> what kelly has to say about the perm toll the kong applicant has taken.s tony shawn some of o our viewers may want to shield theid eyes i hate to be the bearer of more bad news the may gloom iss coming back, you are going to need umbrellas and rain gear bit time the morning community getse on the way i'll have forecast ic a few minutes. shawn. >> sunday shrine in between rain drops. today beautiful. so tonight we are asking you the question, how did you enjoy the sunshine. tweet us your pictures and use the #fox5dc we will share some of you're pictures coming up in the show. ♪
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commute train operator are being ordered so slow down. its all part of anest to reduce electrical insulators from thee smoke incidents that have beent playinging theha system. it will travel at a maximumaxim speed of 45 miles an hour. engineers believe by slowing tht training down they can reduce how much pour those trains actually use. >> i have mixed emotions aboutmo the metro t i need to use it everybody day to go to i also want to feel that i'm i safe when i'm reading it. >> you got to leave earl l to l get to work.ea you got to make adjustment you got to adapt. >> metro was supposed to final lies rebuilding program today. but that didn't happen. transit agency now says that plan is expected to be finished by the end of this week. one northeast dc streett remains closed tonight after and old warehouse partially collapsed over the weekend. >> strong winds may have cause 4-d that collapse. crews are still working to clear
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the mess that's where the old toy may to packing plan fell.ll. a minivan outside was damaged. >> talk a little bit about the forecast. beautiful weekend we had but apparently that's not going to last. >> beautiful monday right too. >> gorgeous monday into we haved to beay grateful for what we ge. we don't blame the messenger. >> no, sue that's not yourt fault. >> i can handle it. i'm a big girl. i do have to tell that you we y are getting ready for more rain tomorrow. the clouds certainly came rushing in around the time of sunset. still dry for the next several hours. you can see some of that rain beginning to push into west virginia. this is another area of low l pressure passing by the south. u we do expect clouds to continue to thicken. warm front is going to get closer tows. that will spread showers in here as early as the morning rush. i don't think its particularslyc heavy it will be wet beginning around 7:00
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off and on for most of the day you know what, its not just the morning, unsettled weather willr continue throughout the day.e i think the evening might will i feature periods of rain or showers not expectingot thunderstorms though it will beh cooler and look at these temperatures at the bus stop. we're not going to be in the 30s. upper 40s to about mid 50s with showers. after school temperatures t between 53 and 60 degrees. that's how things are looking at the bus stop tomorrow morning. definitely going to be and theoi cool side and we're seeing temperatures come down now.wn all of these temperatures have t been more typical of what we we might see in mid april.pril tomorrow is going to be on then cool side. overnight not quite as cold at last night.ight chilly to be sure with mid 40s in the northern and westerneste suburbs to 50 in dc. its notc. frosty cold k i do have brighter days on the 7-day forecast f before
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>> happen prince george's countg community in honor of tordil, her husband killed her.led that's where friends and familyl gathered tonight. her husband is accused of killing her outside of highpoino high school in beltville. he's also accused of killing duo other people in montgomery county maryland. one of the victims will be laid to rest tomorrow. dozens of people came out today to pay respecting during public viewing. she was gunned down in parkingss lot at giant food store. alleged gunman remains in jail charged with all murders. held without bond tonight. police arrested williams today and charged him with first and second degree murder. police were called to hil-mar drive in forestville back in march. they found the victim at any time outside.
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fire. detectives are still working to determine a motive. >> dc counsel member teamed up with department of public worksr great gray fee tea wipe out. 30 business leaders and residents showed up for the events of the part of a six week program highlighting city'sity' efforts to get rid of graffiti reduce illegal tag beginning and illegal posters. mayor bowser declared this week i should say dc public works week. >> as we see and we know from a crime perspective when people see graffiti in communities thec thinker that at the city doesn't care. and that people don't care and a then there's broken bottles and broken lights and it leads to a doing gradation of quality of light. its appoint that's addressed quickly. >> dpw everybody courages all
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residents to report graffiti dialing 3w 11. coming up a local communityc college is team mink up with a new casino. c hugh people are preparing themselves for the jobs by goinj toob dealer school. as we head to the break we want to wish janet jackson a very happy 50th birthday.y. celebrating milestone birthday today. jackson recently put her world tour on hold when she learned that she's pregnant with her first child. be right back. ♪
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we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> there was another teacher's a rally in the district tomorrow d it happened this is morningd th downtown with teachers from thompson elementary
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ward two schools participating. they matched from thompson over to metro center and then back to the school. teachers are demanding dc public school. >> as you know the cost ofst living in dc has gone up. particularly housing cost haveo gone up. meanwhile in the last three years the average teacher salary has gone down by 2400 dollars. >> another teacher rally is planned for later this week. 82 jewels in the district this afternoon, a show of force and support for students at typed a ding public charter schools. organizers calling what you seee here man the block. staff and volunteers coming together locking arms patrolling sidewalks, where students are harassed and sometimes robbed on a daily basis. police need to do more to allow students to focus on studies and not safety. mgm casino opens i
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the hotel part he nerd with prince george's county communito college to open its first everve dealer school. s teach candidates skills needed to apply for the nearly one thousand jobs.ousa scheduled to open later this year. donald trum ps interview with kell since their fall out, talked to fox's howard exerts tonight about how hard its been over the last few months not too fire back at donald trump. t >> at times if it's beenimes i difficult i'm not going to lie. there were certainly times i would have like to have come out and said something. i knew that was not in my best interest. i knew that that was not my roll. he kept trying to put me on the playing field i kept trying toi pull myself off. i think the truth it was much harder for my husband not to san something than for me. >> oure. interview airs tomorrow at eight p.m. on fox. well if
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flight recently, there's a good chance that you've been stuck in an unusually long line at a security check pointer. why some lines are taking hourst to get through and what tsa says is needed to fix the hold up. it is the first surgery of its kind in the united states.s. this boston hop performed a sexs fell penis tran plant. we'll have more on the break through surgery next at 10.
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>> we're back with a look at too the nights top stories.tori >> city leaders spoke out afterf a violent night in the district. marie.: across the districted two of them fatal.l. chief of police believing both fatalities may be related although they were at the two different scenes.diff the mayor addressing the media safety and crime in the district
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at 11:00. >> a young woman in his quiet arlington neighborhood woke up to a nightmare a man broke who o her home and sexually assaulted her inner bed. tonight police are still lookins fore the man whoti does it. don't have a great description d and looking for tips from thehe public.pu >> rail system to reduce the risk of smoke and electricalctri fires. will not exceed speeds of priefd miles per hour.. passengers may see more congested and increased travel times so pack your patiences.. >> 13 law enforcement officers o received the nations highest ont whore for work in the line roofl duty. in a ceremony at the white house. president obama awarded them with public safety award of velour. >> she was shot and killed while
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protecting store employees andte customers during a robbery. >>all of these places in each of these moments, these officers were true to their ogees. to a person each of these honorh reese acted without regard to their own safety, they stood up to dangerous individuals. >> public safety medal oval lour recognizes police, firefighters. >> more trouble tonight for tsa busy summer travel season even here yet but air travelers across the country are alreadyey being pushed to the limit with t long lines at security check in. >> last night some passengers waited for more than three hours. things got to sad airlines broke out cots when it was made cleare the passengers would miss theirm flight and would have to stay ao the airport. >> tsa passenger screening dogsd can cut
10:32 pm
its like pre check where you p k don't have to take off your coat or belt or shoos. >> it was looped so long they had to cut the line and take half of the line to another entry gate. >> six thousand new screenersan are needed in orderd to cut the wait times down to an hour orouo late. >> virginia senator mark warner joining flight attendance and a law enforcement in the fight against human trafficking victims being flown onlown commercial flights. the group called on couldn't press to pass legislation togisl address the problem of the lasts month they approved a bill requiring training for flight a 10 dance on how to recognize and report suspected victims of hugh manning trafficking. >> hundreds of thousands ofof t people in the united states are he is matedded to be victims of human trafficking. too often, too often they are hidden in plain site. its a problem particularly hereu in northern virginia. as a matter of fact the av
10:33 pm
age of someone who is tracked is traffic. >> self big events like the is that bowl see an up particular p in human trafficking cases. >> a massachusetts man is is recovering from the nationsatio first penis transplanted. >> life p changing a potential break through for cancer patiences. david lee miller explains. >> after adele cat 15 thousand surgery he is the first penis transplant recipient in us history. >> 72 we are optimistic he willl continue to do work. >> taking place last week in boston.on. doctors say normal urination should be possible and sexualual function should be in months or possibly sooner. >> we're hopeful with this
10:34 pm
of experimental surgery we can learn enough to make it safe and routine. >> sny had to have most of his sex organ removed. in a statement by his doctor he's sharing his story to help dispel stigma with injuries too the genitals. >> hope for others who have suffered genital injuries particularly for our service members who put their lives onn the line and suffer serious s damage as a result. >> took a team roof surgeonse three years to prepare for theae transplant. >> 72 we're hopeful with these successes going forward that f we'll be able to open this up to others patience population such as wounded warriors who sufferfr these devastating injuries that can leave them so disponded thee consider taking their lives. >> senate first one wasas performed in
10:35 pm
in 2014. david lee miller fox news. >> here's something that youmeth don't see everyday. this is chelsea covington ridinc a bike on the streets of dc topless into shoo she's doing is to make appoint aboutoi normalizing the human body. b part of what she calls the top freedom movement. she spends time in states where it is illegal for her to be bear chested i think that's supposedh to be legal, legal for her to do it including herry the nations a capital. she documents her journey on her blog. never been arrested nor touched inappropriately she hopes it will erase the idea that it is. newlywed couple from ourur area are big fans of the rappere they are shocked when he crashed their dc wedding this weekends. how it all went down that's coming up at 10. as we head
10:36 pm
an update on sinead oh connorr she was found safe and sound. she left for a bike ride yesterday morning and wasn't found until this afternoon. a we'll be right back. back. >> worlds third richest man, old fashion bargain hunter. buffett said to be putting up money to buy yahoo's internet company. amazon stock jumping. j private label brands include everything from baby food and coffee to lawn desoap and diapers. who says printer is dead. 20 percent after the media company upping its. all that and rising oil prices helping to push up the
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market. college kids looking for summer work you may want to look at our nations capital, washington d.c being named the best city for available jobs. that's business.
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>> welcome back. what do you do after you visit the president of the united states. fur mack la more. >> he was in town visiting the president. he headed back to his hotel and he made a surprise visit. caitlyn ross joins us with the rest of the
10:41 pm
>> reporter: not often celebrity wedding crash.we he was in town to help president obama with an anti drug initiative. once back at the hotel he and his mom passed by a party goingy on behind him in the ballroom. with coking from his mom. he post attempted the pictures of himself and the happy guess saying when your mom tells you the crash the wedding he showed his mom dancing right outsideht you just saw that. here aree those pictures of himself the bride and groom. guest were more than happy to have him even having the d.j. play his hit. he was in town last week to peek with president obama aboutbout addiction and prescription drug abuse. during his sit do you know he s talked about his own recoveryut from h drugs. he also shared the loss of his friend who overdosed on ove prescription drugs. dr this talk came days after
10:42 pm
house of leeps house of of represents.ts. after finishing up with the t president he wanted to stay ind town for the weaken and he was looking for some fun. we sat down with the just married couple. >> i had one of my uncles coming up saying he was here. they had his songs on and everything.eryt then, he was pretty nice about it. he came up and met us. u 50 cousins and 50 aunts and uncles taking selfies with him.h that is one of the things that is going to make the wedding memorable. i don't think people will remember thein wedding even the next day this for lifetime absolutely.solu >> his video of the wedding went viral and it had millions of views on youtube within minutes of the post. he was very very nice. he even stayed and posed for
10:43 pm
selfies with all of the wedding guess t. friends and family were thrilled to meet the wedding crash sheer and i would say obviously he wao going to stay and take photoshoo with those people a really cute story. happy to bring that to you. happy that the couple was so happy about their wedding crash sheer. >> something they will never forget. >> making the wedding day more memorable. >> thank you, caitlyn. >> coming up tonight at 11 the wedding wardrobe controversy.. >> this video went viral after a forecast was told to cover upr because of well the dress she was wearing.s w well, now she is speaking out. also ahead an off duty emt was enjoying a baby shower one moment and a shooting victim next she tells us happened those stories and more tonight at 11 .
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>> all right new tonight a story out of columbia maryland, if wel can have the promoter, that
10:47 pm
warm your heart. >> delores has been a crossinge guard for 22 years.. she made a huge impression on ip one student that that studentnt decided to become a crossing c guard herself. take a look at this picture. that's shaq james, james describes miss delores as her guardian angel many many years ago she eased her fierce about o walking to school.choo when the crossing guard. train the new rocky. >> great story. very very sweet way to bring them together. 82 jot calendar says spring it looks more like winter forr people up in main. >> into check out this video that is store, yes, that's snow falling in main. many residents say they wereer shocked to see their front lawns and streets covered in snow overnight. while it may look pretty, most people said, hey, we're ready we for spring to make a couple back. >> i don't like it at all.
10:48 pm
we are ready to mow the grass, g woke up to this, so, not veryy nice. >> i think its time for greenorr grass and leaves. no more snow. >> forecasted's say some areas e have already seen two inches of snow. the regions biggest snowfall for this late in the season. elf were the not snow butter flooding causing problems down in texas six inches of rain and corpus chris tea this weekends, flash flood warnings for several counts. had to rescue self people. fortunately no injuries were reported. >> all right. a beautiful day outside today. but things are i changing a tomorrow right sue palka zoo. can't make it a two day streak. the two stories he had ahead of us we are not dealing withi flooding and that snow wa
10:49 pm
talker. close by aspens and garrett count here in maryland. we are going to see clouds. it will be on the cool side. its not going to be as cold as it was last night when we hadad frost advisories. so we'll keep it cloudy and cool, more rain coming back in tomorrow. its going to be on the soggy side tuesday. it will be wet for both. the way it is looking i think that rain will begin six in the morning. late part of the workweek is looking great. hang in there i think we can geg two more nice days. the next couple are looking unsettled. i wanted to talk about howt different this may is from last may. in 2015 first 16 days where we w are eat pho had right nowo h average high 81. we had 11 days above 80 one above 90. rain very dry month less than an
10:50 pm
had so far this may, average high is 66. right now we are on track to to have our fourth coolest may. m we had over three and a half inches of rain no days before 80. its not your match nation a huge contrasted from last year,, tomorrow's 58 degrees with makem it feel like late march. a little bit of a setback. wednesday features a temperature of 64 degrees. showers should be confined to the morning hours. a brighter afternoon we think t the temperature will get up to 64 degrees on wednesday.. could night the concludes are coming in. its an area of low pressure, rides ding a frontal boundary just down to the south. that's going to focus that rain right in on our harry. not every. we'll get maybe a half inch to maybe an inch. that will keep us above average for this very lush mth
10:51 pm
the city. it does help bit pollen county.t temperatures 63 degrees in the district. far cry from last night when itn was cooler. the planner doesn't look warmer. parts tomorrow showers to rain especially early in the day. maybe we can taper this off too more rain or showers 57 degrees by 5:00. temperature wise, a lot cooler than it was today, thanks to clouds and off and on showers os rain for most the day. i think it will wind down bit tail evening rush hour that will be good news.ews. wanted to show you as we look at future cast to know at thehe thickest take you forward tosifen the morning while some of the eastern suburbs, this is pushing in. still raining hard by about noon hour. a wet lunch hour for most of us. 5:00 features a break, lighter showers another wave comes inoms
10:52 pm
as well as into midnight.idni some of that rain around seven in the morning on wednesday. that should chase out wednesday is not nearly as wet. we start to get sunshine by the time we get to the end of wednesday. in terse of rain, this could be pretty substantial especially south and east where you get heavier amounts. locally anywhere from third of ag had an inches no half of an inch. farther south closer you are to heavier p rain. that's how things are lookingkig tomorrow. again, we'll see those cloudslod breaking late on wednesday for a dryer day. i promise you prettier days on the 7-day forecast. it looks like thursday will be beautiful. i know you'd rather have that oh the weekends. friday gorgeous. gor 72 degrees. not what i want to see this rain on saturday.atur 65 we'll see if we can doe something about that.out right now its looking like aike weather day.her sunday 68 with a few showers. monday few showers possible as well. 72. so, lots of april showers toohoe bad this is may.
10:53 pm
really missing getting out on the user could. let's head over to jim. >> the question today will we w see tiger woods taking part in n his own invitation nail. if he doesn't its not because of lack of desire, he was, put on n by his foundation, also took a couple wacks the people being t honored some of them hit the green. tiger sung three in the drink. he went one or one with fox 5 why its important to put the evented on even if he won't be teeing off. >> important for us to give bace to the military and to be here and create a presence here. i think we've done that. create old world presence. i think the people are proud of. trust me i want to play. i don't know if i can or i will. but trust me, i want to. it's n f
10:54 pm
lines. it's not fun watching these guye compete and play. p because, i know what it's like to be out there with them. it's fun to go head to head with these young kids to see whatt they're doing. >> also on the green redskins line baker hosting he see golf classic he and teammates on hand benefiting you leukemia, here's what he had to say about the organization why he's so dedicated to it.t. >> for the work that, pretty special that kind of money they are racing going pho fun dingoig and research. >> all right so there's hardly a lot of bad blood between the rangers and blue james show boat tipping, good harper got a fine for cursing imagine what i
10:55 pm
rangers blue jays, you are goinj to see the beefay of this what happened. slide into second, everybodyec goes toon second, this here, ths watch this, ready, the hit heard all around the world, boom. the rangers, trying to protect himself and the slide there goed my phone no announcement yet yet from major league baseball pall pretty brutal. >> i didn't see that yesterday. >> some people were saying looking at that fight it is violence you don't want to see that some people think maybe that will get young people involved vested in playing in baseball. you do it playing with fell ball. >> what fight. >> thank you, jim. >> yell year had earlier wear h asked you how did you enjoy the sunshine after a long streak off rainy weather.
10:56 pm
you tweeted us. oh, yes of course, many people were graduating this weekend, which is wonderful. >> january on sunday shy sundayn i helped welcome, i don't knowd how to say that,. all right. >> university of maryland thanks guys.
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>> right now at 11, two people killed in five shooting across dc.. the mayor and police chief address the latest violence. a woman woke up to find a man sexually assaulting her inss her own home. >> obviously very concerning tows. what police want you to know. the problem that led to this terrifying crash. >> hope you enjoyed that sunshine today and soaked it upi you are going to be soaking upng more rain tomorrow. i've got your for cast.t. fox news starts right now. >> we begin do night with developing story police are investigating a string of shootings across the district. s thanks for staying with us, i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins, we are talking five shootings this


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